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Inspiring Faith #3 – How a Jewish Atheist Found God…Overnight

In 1986, the nuclear disaster in Chernobyl affected the life of David Guervich in ways he never dreamed possible.  Forced to leave the former Soviet Union to obtain medical care for his young son as a result of the radiation fallout, David and his family found refuge in the United States, in the Northwest corner of the country in Seattle, Washington.

It was at a new job that David was confronted with the reality of God through the life of a co-worker, but it was the persistence of heaven that broke through his comfortable existence with the reality of God and life apart from Him.

Join Lorraine Varela as she interviews David on today’s podcast to talk about his experience living through the historic Chernobyl disaster, and hear his miraculous testimony of how he went to bed one night an atheist and woke up a believer in Jesus Christ.

Also on today’s podcast, Lorraine welcomes the immensely talented Cayley Keogh, a musician who shares her passion for Jesus and her gift of music with an original worship song, written at the age of 14.

Our devotional encouragement for this podcast is called¬† “Faith to Draw Jesus Back”.


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